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Dorgali - Oddoene



Supramonte of Sardinia is a mountain chain of limestone origin. It spreads over tens of kilometres and stretches over Dorgali, Urzulei, Baunei, Oliena and Orgosolo. Gorges and deep abysses, dolines, cliffs and caves are a sign of the effects of water erosion caused over time. Archaeological remains on Supramone are numerous: villages, sheds, burial graves and nuraghe are all found along the pathway for those walking on this hiking trail.

Supramonte of Dorgali

The greatness and variety of the landscape of the Dorgali territory, which extends from the mountains towards the sea, is reflected on the distinction between maritime Supramonte, overlooking the blue sea of the Orosei Gulf, and Western Supramonte, which is more inland. The Oddoene Valley separates the rough mountainous area of the hinterland characterized by Mount Offeu and Mount Tiscali, becoming smoother towards east overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Supramonte of Oliena

The territory of Supramonte of Oliena is also known as the “Sardinian Dolomites” and it reaches the highest peak at Mount Corrasi, 1465 meters. On the internal part, one can find amazing caves such as Sa Oche, Su Bentu and the Corbeddu cave. These reveal a millennial history and hundreds of botanical species, such as the endemic Sardinian currant. Supramonte of Dorgalia, Oliena and Orgosolorgosolo connect in the beautiful Lanaitto Valley.

Cuiles Excursion

The Cuiles are evidence of a tradition in rearing and shepherding and are located in the harsh mountains of Dorgali. Cuiles arerounded sheds that hide the past lives of shepherds who spent whole years in close contact with the animals and nature, and nothing else. All the Cuiles maintained this structure: the fireplace in the centre of the rock shed, wooden beams to help with support and a small alcove to keep all their possessions and work tools. Everything has been well protected by a majestic and warm covering of juniper trunks.

An excursion to Dorgali among the Cuiles can take a morning, a day or a whole week. The determination to restore them to their original splendour and finally open them to the public was great. You can now enter, eat and sleep inside them. The only request is to leave the place intact and clean just like it was found and the only invitation is to leave any water leftover for the next person staying there.

The local hospitality is reflected even on these ancient structures that even after so many years still welcome visitors and reward them for the great effort of climbing to the peak, nowadays not for work purposes like in the past, but for the pure joy of discovering and breathing in the essence of the authenticity of Sardinia.

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The deviation to reach the Oddoene Valley is found on Kennedy street, the west ring road of Dorgali. Since these are secondary roads, we suggest to proceed at moderate speed and enjoy the scenery.

From the entrance of Dorgali

- From the National Road 125 turn right onto J.F.Kennedy street.
indicazioni valle di oddoene da dorgali 1

- Drive straight ahead for just over 1km past the roundabout
- Turn right onto Bachelet street
indicazioni valle di oddoene da dorgali 2

- Turn left and enter the road towards Oddoene
- Follow the directions to Gorroppu and Tiscali and enjoy the scenery.

For those arriving from Cala Gonone

- After the tunnel turn left towards Baunei

- Proceed for just over 1km and turn right
indicazioni valle di oddoene gonone 1

- Proceed until reaching the road to Oddoene and turn left
indicazioni valle di oddoene da gonone 2

- Follow the directions to Gorroppu and Tiscali and enjoy the scenery.


Valle di Oddoene

Valle di Oddoene - Via per Oddoene, 08022 Dorgali (NU)
+39 349 4757660