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Dorgali - Oddoene

Su gorroppu

Su Gorroppu

The nature trail from Oddoene to Gorroppu

A walk in one of the most spectacular sceneries of nature.
If you love to discover unique and untouched landscapes, you should definitely visit the Gorroppu Canyon!
After a 12-kilometre car ride from Dorgali, you will reach Sa Barva bridge on Rio Flumeneddu, where you will find a large parking area. Make sure you have enough water and ideal clothing in order to be able to enjoy this spectacular trail!

Signage is available in the beginning of the trail and while walking you should follow the small rectangular flags. Some are white and some red depending on the rocks. A few hundred meters from the start, you will encounter a small uphill that will lead you to a wooden gate. Once you pass the gate, proceed straight along the Rio Frumeneddu river banks without deviating. The beautiful Mediterranean maquis predominates along the trail along with its amazing aromas. In about two hours and fifteen minutes you will reach the Gorroppu Gorge. In the canyon, you can choose to pursue one of three levels of difficulty. The easiest one has the colour green, the second one is yellow and the most difficult thought for professionals, is red. The level of difficulty increases as you go deeper into the canyon.
The grandeur of the cliff walls gives a sense of strength contrasted by the gentle softness of the sand and gravel beach. These high walls surround you and when you look up, you can see just a fine line of blue sky.

Must haves: enough water, hiking gear and a fit body

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The deviation to reach the Oddoene Valley is found on Kennedy street, the west ring road of Dorgali. Since these are secondary roads, we suggest to proceed at moderate speed and enjoy the scenery.

From the entrance of Dorgali

- From the National Road 125 turn right onto J.F.Kennedy street.
indicazioni valle di oddoene da dorgali 1

- Drive straight ahead for just over 1km past the roundabout
- Turn right onto Bachelet street
indicazioni valle di oddoene da dorgali 2

- Turn left and enter the road towards Oddoene
- Follow the directions to Gorroppu and Tiscali and enjoy the scenery.

For those arriving from Cala Gonone

- After the tunnel turn left towards Baunei

- Proceed for just over 1km and turn right
indicazioni valle di oddoene gonone 1

- Proceed until reaching the road to Oddoene and turn left
indicazioni valle di oddoene da gonone 2

- Follow the directions to Gorroppu and Tiscali and enjoy the scenery.


Valle di Oddoene

Valle di Oddoene - Via per Oddoene, 08022 Dorgali (NU)
+39 349 4757660