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Dorgali - Oddoene


The Cedrino river

The smell of the reeds and the silence of the nature leave you breathless at the grandeur of the cliffs that reflect just like a mirror on the peaceful waters of the river Cedrino.

Whether you choose to cross over on a kayak or on a boat (accessible also for the disabled) you will have the chance to admire an enchanting view still left untouched by man. It is uncontaminated and wild!

It is a complete immersion in nature, the apparent silence that engulfs you is rich in sounds of nature, such as the unstoppable sound of the flowing water, the buzzing of small insects and the chirping of birds. On one side, there are alluring basaltic plateaus and on the other side, the pure white limestone. Along the low reliefs on the trail, one can catch a glimpse of two small rural churches of the XVII century, Saint Pantaleo and Our Lady of Angels that are worth a visit through two short pathways (accessible only by boat) to see the most unique panoramic view over the lake. An opening on the limestone cliff is known as the Guano Cave, because it is rich in bat droppings which were once exported for their fertilizing properties. The cave is formed in layers of different heights, visible only to experts equipped with specialized tools. When looking towards the basaltic side, one can see the Domus de Jana, or the fairy house, an ancient and magical place of burial of pre-Nuragic Sardinia.
The course of the river reveals its beauty especially during the rainy season of Autumn and Spring when one can navigate and reach the karstic source of Su Gologone where a small dock is immersed amongst trees. The river Cedrino springs at the massive Gennargentu in Supramonte of Orgosolo and is artificially interrupted by a dam at the foot of Mount Bardai and Tului, giving life to an artificial basin called Cedrino Lake.

Visit if:
- You love wild uncontaminated nature
- You love birdwatching
- You want to live a unique experience and be fascinated by an enchanting panorama.

Sa Barva

The Frumeneddu River

An excursion to river Frumeneddu is a unique experience, an immersion in a peaceful and uncontaminated nature.
The beautiful Rio springs are found in the Montes forest at Orgosolo. It passes through the Urzulei territory, the Gorroppu Gorge and re-emerges at the picturesque spring of Su Gologone, continuing into the Cedrino River.
Through the years Rio Frumeneddu has exerted its erosive forces on the limestone rocks that came in its way shaping what is now considered to be the largest canyon in Europe...the Gorroppu Canyon.
Wild myrtle, rosemary and mint emanate a fragrance all along the Rio while tree leaves give shelter from the sun.

Sa Barva

If you wish to immerse yourself in the silence of nature Sa Barva is an oasis of peace in the Oddoene Valley, where white rocks, polished granite and crystalline waters make a place magical among the green forest. The small river forms minor waterfalls and natural pools where you can immerse yourself.
Sa Barva is also a starting point for those who love trekking and climbing from which you can reach the beautiful Gorropu canyon, discover the olive groves of Supramone, amongst which “cuile Sos Mojos” and “Sas Traes”, the archaeological area of Tiscali, the Doinanicoro plain and the imposing cliffs for climb.

You will find a small coffee shop to help you prepare for the journey wherever your destination may be!

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The deviation to reach the Oddoene Valley is found on Kennedy street, the west ring road of Dorgali. Since these are secondary roads, we suggest to proceed at moderate speed and enjoy the scenery.

From the entrance of Dorgali

- From the National Road 125 turn right onto J.F.Kennedy street.
indicazioni valle di oddoene da dorgali 1

- Drive straight ahead for just over 1km past the roundabout
- Turn right onto Bachelet street
indicazioni valle di oddoene da dorgali 2

- Turn left and enter the road towards Oddoene
- Follow the directions to Gorroppu and Tiscali and enjoy the scenery.

For those arriving from Cala Gonone

- After the tunnel turn left towards Baunei

- Proceed for just over 1km and turn right
indicazioni valle di oddoene gonone 1

- Proceed until reaching the road to Oddoene and turn left
indicazioni valle di oddoene da gonone 2

- Follow the directions to Gorroppu and Tiscali and enjoy the scenery.


Valle di Oddoene

Valle di Oddoene - Via per Oddoene, 08022 Dorgali (NU)
+39 349 4757660